Epidemic Empire   Pandemic Promotions presents...        spread da sickness !!!





Get 2 Know Us

We are a promotions company looking to promote for you. We promote for Tommy Watts, Kwanza Kali Streetwear, Frontline Digital Productions and more. Promoting in PA, NY, Vegas, and even UK.

What we do

We promote online and on the streets. Our online service promotes through Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Soundcloud, and Reverbnation. Our Streetpack contains flyers, posters, cd demos,stickers and your name on the  E.E. hoodie!    email us for prices

Contact us nowepidemic_empire@yahoo.com!

                                Pandemic Promotions presents...

            Tommy Watts   tommywattspnp.yolasite.com

                                                                                                             Frontline Digital Productions 

                    Kwanza Kali Streetwear       

                                                                                         Crap nd Crud Comic Strips

also check out Explicit on soundcloud, coming to you from UK


We started with just two employees, working out of the basement. It all started with us sitting around, thinkng of things to do to keep us busy. We came up with ideas for all sorts of thing, from making potatoe launchers to food mulch(compost). We then decided to start a promotions company promoting our brothers, who make music(code red & tommy watts). We've been working hard from the start and now we're getting shoutouts in the UK.

-Spread the sickness!!


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